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We are a conscious travel agency with alternative and responsible tours in Colombia on budget.

Support and promote local tourism initiatives

Get to know the local way of life and give back to the communities through your stay. We assure you that the money reaches local communities rather than international chains. Our tour guides are enthusiastic, local professionals from the destination themselves or who have lived there for years.

Positive impact in nature

We are 100% against activities where animals live in captivities and there is no room for natural behavior. You will share with animals in their wild habitats. We educate and support our guests with simple ways to make their visit as clean and positive as possible. You get a free refillable bottle and with filtration device to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Hidden destinations

We want to avoid over-tourism in natural and cultural heritage places. Colombia has so many hidden places to know, as beautiful as the famous one, and just reserved for yourself.

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Our most popular tours

We have alternative tours on a budget! Perfect for you and your initiative to contribute only in a positive way to tourism!


We really enjoyed our time in Colombia and the experiences with you guys. And who knows we might come back some day. Thank you for everything! The experiences were fantastic and the guides were awesome, especially Juan in Bogota and Samuel in Cartagena.

Nienke van Houten,
The Netherlands


The experiences were great, especially the ones related to Nature. We loved Claudia from San Luis and Claudia #2 from the coffee zone, who gave us some amazing hikes. Thanks a lot! We hope to come back someday.

Tim Bosschaerts,

“I was sick of the tick-mark kind of tourism, because, to use an analogy, it makes you feel like a visitor to a zoo. You stay in your comfort zone of being a ‘tourist’.

There is always a wall between you and what you’re viewing and this makes you feel disconnected and uncompassionate towards anyone or anything other than yourself.

So, you must engage with nature and those who inhabit the place. 


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