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Don't be just a tourist, be our guest.

About Tripico

Alternative travel agency in Colombia on budget

Hello there!

This is Ana Maria and Lina, the leaders of Tripico. We want to introduce you briefly to our Tripico team and tell you why this group is so amazing!

We are a group of  15 Colombian tourism leaders who are in love and are proud of our amazing country. Lina and Ana will be your first contact. Afterward, we will lead you to the spectacular people who guide each of the unique tours. The whole group is varied, different accents and traditions but we are united by the passion for tourism.

We all believe that tourism is an amazing job generator and the most important, working in tourism is an exceptional educational opportunity.
The Tripico group is distributed throughout the country. Local people from different places joined this group to show the best of their region and give you a 100% safe tour.

This group strongly believes that local tourism is the best experience anyone can have. It’s not about being a tourist anymore, it’s about being our guest!

We are very happy to talk to you! Never hesitate to send us a message to get to know more about us or to take a look at our services!

It is very nice to meet you.

Kind regards,

The Tripico Group.
Alternative tour agency in Colombia on budget

Meet our group!

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