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Conscious travel Colombia

What is conscious travel and what we do?

  • We are a group of responsible people offering conscious travel in Colombia. Tripico is a social enterprise that organizes tours in Colombia with a positive impact. We believe travel can make the world a better place when it’s done in a sustainable and responsible way. This means that we are committed to making a social impact above making a profit. Our aim is to maximize the positive impact of our trips, for example, through creating work opportunities and stimulating cultural interaction, while limiting the negative impact as much as possible by, for example, minimizing waste, CO2 emissions and over-tourism. 
  • Sustainability is also a major factor when choosing our partners. Our travel experts are enthusiastic, local professionals from the destination themselves or who have lived there for years. They work in small-scale local travel operators and help you design your ideal travel experience while trying to involve the local population as much as possible. This way we make sure you have authentic travel experience and the local people have a fair and direct source of income. Learn more about us and our dreams. 

Are you a conscious traveler?

Follow the checklist:

conscious traveler checklistconscious traveler checklistconscious traveler checklist.

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conscious travel Colombia

Workshop tour in Cartagena

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