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Medellin-guatape-santa de de antioquia

Medellin city of hope.

Medellin is the perfect place to get to know the Colombian culture 100%. This city is famous for its dark past, but now it is an example of transformation. Everything that this city has hidden can be visited with our Tripico Agency. Although it is a very touristy place, there are places and stories that must be told and shown from another perspective. The beauty of its people and entrepreneurship is one of the most important values ​​of the city.

Why visit Medellin:
  1. Culture and party: It has a lot of joy and activities to do. It is a city full of culture, party, and colors. There you can make friends very easily and enjoy the party and culture 100%.
  2. Gastronomy: The food is sensational. Since it is a very international place, you can find totally innovative and special restaurants to enjoy the most delicious part of the day! The time to eat!
  3. History: You have already heard a lot about the history of Pablo and the Medellin cartel, but there is also a history of emergence. Although the gangs are not over, you must thoroughly understand how it works and how the city works in harmony with even this situation.
  4. Nature: Within the city, there are too many spectacular things to visit, such as the botanical garden and the Explora park, which connects with nature even when in this busy city
  5. The weather: This is for the best! the places are adapted so that all visitors enjoy the delicious weather throughout the year! Sun and much joy are in Medellin waiting for you.

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