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San Luis-Antioquia-Medellin

San Luis

San Luis Colombia is located 3 hours by car from Medellin. It is a little town hidden in the middle of a beautiful and wild-jungle road. The experience in San Luis is spectacular. It is surrounded by water and it is a completely hidden destination for guests who prefers connection with nature rather than noise! In San Luis Colombia you can enjoy different activities in the rivers around it. The water is crystalline and is located in the middle of the jungle. There you can see wild animals such as gray monkeys, tarantulas, fish from the area and even small alligators. The experiences in the rivers have tranquility, relaxation, connection with nature and also adrenaline. Another of the most important parts is culture. There you will be able to know how the farmers eat-in “Fiambre” a totally environmentalist form traditionally used in this place.

san luis colombia

  • In San Luis Colombia you can take tours to visit the rivers and enjoy nature activities such as jumps, climbing, and contact with wildlife.

  • San Luis has a 75-meter waterfall where you can rappel. This activity is spectacular and also the adrenaline is impressive.

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