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Curiti-San Gil-Santander

What do you need to know about tourism in Santander Colombia? Here you will have an excellent summary of the department.

A short history of Santander, Colombia:

  • Before the conquest: During the pre-colonial era, Santander was occupied mainly by indigenous Guanes. This tribe introduced important innovations for the time, such as irrigation systems, clothes made of cotton and clay cups.
  • Conquest: Initially the Spanish discovered Santander around 1529.  The zone was very interesting for expeditionary due to the mission “El dorado” the golden city.  One of the first cities founded was San Gil, which now is one of the most important touristic points of the country.
  • Independence: It is said that the Socorro municipality, one of the largest in the department, was the cradle of Colombia’s independence. There began the strategies and plans to fight for freedom.

Santander today:

  • Santander is known as one of the departments where the social difference is not so obvious. There are people with a very good economic situation, living in one of the places that would be called “under the social status”.
  • Tourism in Santander Colombia is one of the highest revenues. The department’s government invests in tourism projects that generate economic opportunities for the entire department.


  • During the colony and independence war times, people from Santander were specially recognized for their bravery in battle and their policy of “not even a step back”.
  • Nowadays, they still retain those features as ‘Santandereanos’ are normally depicted as cranky and stubborn, not afraid of anything, proud in extreme and speaking their minds without further consideration. However, people from Santander are also very gentle and kind, have some social conventions of basic etiquette like saying hello first if you are the one arriving and never visiting someone for the first time without a small present. In general, they are normally warm and respectful but try not to make them angry.

Geography and climate:

  • The department has an area of ​​30,537 km2 and a total population of 2,071,016 people.
  • The average weather of the department is 26 ° C but it can go down to 12 ° C depending on how high you are.

What to do:

There are so many great places to visit in Santander, Colombia. While Santander, a department in the northeast part of Colombia and close to the Venezuelan border, is known as “the land of adventure” in Colombia and does offer a wide array of adventure activities and excursion.

  1. Bucaramanga: The “pretty city”. You can visit the Jesus Christ statue larger than that of Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Chicamocha canon: Bigger than The great canon, it is a perfect place to paragliding and visit the natural park Panachi, with one of the most beautiful views of the canon.
  3. Barichara: The most beautiful town in Colombia.
  4. San Gil: The capital of the adventure. It is the perfect place to enjoy extreme sports and adventures like bungee jumping, speleology and rappel.
  5. More amazing towns to visit and activities to do in Santander? Check this post and start the adventure!

Interesting facts:

  • In Santander, it is normal to eat ants. The specialty of the house is the “Culona ant”.
  • The pride of Santander is the ingredient that is not lacking in each dish, so when a tourist arrives in Santander, he cannot leave without breakfast with a corn arepa; have lunch with a mute, yucca and chili; snack “culona” ants or chocolo arepa.
  • People of Santander speak ugly, that they sound as if they are fighting, that no expression is subtle and that any attempt to pronounce something with tenderness will sound exotic. It probably happens, but the people of Santander don’t have a problem with that, they love it!
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