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Choco- Quibdo

Choco, a natural mystery that you must discover!

Travel to Choco Colombia is still a mystery for the world. In this post, we will let you know why are so many people talking about this place, the highlights and these hidden treasures that you can’t miss. Choco is located on the west side of the country next to the Pacific Ocean. It is an 80% afro population region and is mostly jungle (which means amazing nature!).

Interesting facts about Choco:
  • Since there is not much transportation system to Choco from other parts of the country, the region is the poorest in Colombia, but his isolation represents a truly off-the-beaten-path spot.
  • The history says, that Choco started to be a community after a group of African slaves hidden from the Spaniard, during the conquest times.  More and more slaves went to live in Choco, because it was the jungle, and it will be difficult to find them.
  • Choco is home to unique natural events! like the humpback whales who come with their calves looking for warmer waters. Another impressive event is watching sea turtles come up from the ocean to lay their eggs in the sand.
  • Choco has 21 protected areas that together add up a little with the 395 thousand hectares. Nature, nature, nature everywhere! The most famous parks are Utría, Los Katios and Isla de los Pajaros. 
  • Choco is also home to indigenous communities. They live completely apart from civilization and there is also a chance to enjoy with them their lifestyle in the jungle.


Famous destinations to travel to Choco Colombia:
  • Quibdo: It is the capital city in the middle of the jungle. Choco has also amazing rivers to visit, and in the capital the biggest attraction is the boat trip with the locals. Listening to their stories, you will create a bond between nature and yourself. So it is the perfect place to start your trip in Choco.
canoe trip in choco

canoe trip in Choco


  • Nuqui: It is one of the places next to the ocean and one of the most popular spots for whales watching. Nuqui is not a city, it is a little town (in the urban side) but very extensive in the countryside. There you can find a small airplane airport and all the basic necessities, such as hospitals, banks, and schools. If you want to go to the national park Utria, is much more easy from Bahia Solano. Nuqui is more touristic than Bahia Solano (but both are very lonely), therefore there are more options for hotels and restaurants, and also it is a little bit more expensive.

Nuqui choco colombia

  • Bahia Solano: Bahia Solano is much closer to the Utria national park. It is very similar to Nuqui, it also has a small airport and the basic.  Bahia Solano is spectacular because you will find easily tours to the natural park, where you will see amazing waterfalls and glorious natural scenarios, and all for yourself! In this part, you will be able to see whales and also sea turtles.

Choco Colombia

What is hidden in Choco Colombia? (Even more than Choco itself)
  • Juribira Hotsprings
  • “4 encantos” waterfall
  • Ecolodge El Cantil.
  • El Tigre y Chadó
  • Ecolodge El Almejal
  • Playa Huina y El Valle.
  • Playa Brava surfing experience
  • Mecana for birding.
  • Capurganá

Check those videos!

Choco Colombia

The bad side: Travel Choco Colombia
  1.  The only way to arrive is with a small airplane with Satena company or boat from the south of the coast. To Nuqui the flights start in Bogota and Medellin, but to Bahia Solano only from Medellin.
  2. You will see a lot of poverty. There are a lot of people in Choco living in a very difficult situation due to the lack of opportunities, education, and inclusion.
  3. Due to the lack of English and difficulty in getting around we recommend traveling in the area with a guide.
  4. Be prepared for rain, El Chocó is one of the wettest places on the planet with 16-18m of rain per year.
  5. Facilities are pretty basic in the area so bring cash as you may have trouble finding an ATM.

Are you looking for some tours in Choco? Check this out now!

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