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Rainy season in Colombia, Read this before planning! Accurate and updated data 100%.

rainy season colombia
5 Abr

Rainy season in Colombia, Read this before planning! Accurate and updated data 100%.

Everything you must know about the rainy season in Colombia, accurate and updated 100%.

Hello there! This is Ana again!

Today we will learn something crucial to have a good holiday, the weather.  Please take time to check this, because your trip can be acomplete nightmare if you have the wrong weather! 

1. How is the weather inside of Colombia?

Colombia has all “thermal floors” because our geography starts at 0 meters from the level to mountains with more than 5000 meters from the sea level.

  • The weather inside Colombia depends on how high or low from the sea you are.
  • It is also affected by the surround. If there is the wind coming or if the place is between the mountains.
  • Finally, the distance from the sea is also a factor.

It is amazing to be in a place with the weather of 22 °C and after riding 30 minutes the temperature rises to 30 °C.

In places like Bogota, it is crazy. It is a pretty cold and high (2600 m) city, with temperatures from 12 °C to 23 °C. If you ride 2 hours to the south, you will find a place with 35 °C.

It is very important that you check which the weather in your specific destination is, it is not everywhere at 30 °C.

2. Now to the point: Rainy season per region

To explain the rainy season it is important to understand that it doesn’t occur in the same period in the whole country. 

The following graph show the rainy days per month, in the different locations of the country. This information was summarized from different reports from IDEAM (Colombian weather insitiute) documents of 2018 and 2019, so it is pretty updated.

Days rain in Colombia

In summary:

  • Caribe region (Cartagena-Santa Marta -Guajira) 
    • The rainy season starts around August and finishes in December.
    • January and February are very dry months, intense heat and strong sun.
    • The north of the Guajira is the dessert, therefore there is almost no rain during the year. April and May are very good months to visit because it is not that dry and you can enjoy more fresh weather.
    • The average temperature of the caribe region is from 25 up to 35 °C.
  • Pacific region (Quibdo -Choco)
    • If you are planning to Choco, then December is not a good month to visit. The best month to visit Choco are January, February, and March.
    • The rainy season is almost all year but the months with more amount of rain will be July and August! it will be strong showers for the whole day.
    • The temperature in Choco is pretty humid, the temperature of the Choco region is from 25 up to 32 °C.
  • Andina region (Medellin-Bogota-Bucaramanga-Armenia-Cali)
    • Since Medellin is pretty close to Choco, the behavior of the rain looks the same. But there is a huge difference. The quantity of rain. Medellin is well known for having excellent weather during the whole year, but it is also famous for the surprising showers during the day. December and January are pretty dry months, but the rest of the months will have a 60% chance of rain (but very short rains remember!).
    • Bogota is one of the coldest cities, the temperatures in the morning can be 10°C and go up until 23°C. Showers are also expected in the middle of the year and in October.
    • The coffee region (Armenia) presents the same behavior as Bogota, but there is more quantity of rain expected. A good coffee can’t grow without good water, right?
    • Showers in Cali have less quantity of water. That means very sunny days almost the whole year.

If you want detailed information, check this site, the information is super complete and has many more cities to explore.

3. Safety First

When it comes to precipitations, there are some places in Colombia that can be dangerous. Rivers starts normally on top of the mountains. When it starts to rain, all the water starts to go down with speed and force.

Each region has a sub-region with high probabilities of flooding. This is the first most dangerous consequence of the rainy season. On the other hand, some roads are highly dangerous, because the water might cross it.

It is always better to have a good forecast of the weather during the following days. Weather is a very important factor to decide the activities and plans for the day.

This Colombian website has the map of Colombia with the weather of each place and the forecast.


  • In my opinion and experience,  the months to enjoy more dry weather are December, January and February. 
  • Be careful with the high touristic season! December and January can be very caotic, and that can ruin your trip.
  • February normally is the Month I prefer to travel the most, it is calm and dry. 
  • If you are planning to visit the Amazon it is better to go between June and July.
  • To visit Choco, it is better in the beginning of the year, but remember that the humpback whales come from June to October. 
4. This is the end

I hope all the information was useful to you. Never hesitate to leave a comment in case you have some questions.

If you like the blog please give me a review in the comments as well. We also have a Facebook group where you can ask advice and share your trips.  

We keep in contact for the next post!


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