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12 Spectacular souvenirs from Colombia. Unique and special handicrafts.

souvenirs colombia
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12 Spectacular souvenirs from Colombia. Unique and special handicrafts.

Hello everybody! Today is the time of Colombia souvenirs!

I hope you guys are doing well with this special moment locked down at home. But see the good part of it, you can do a lot of research about Colombia and plan your amazing trip! Visit us if you want to inspire yourself!

I am a crazy lover of unique souvenirs and this post is all about it. Where to find the most amazing handicrafts and what is the story behind it.

They are part of our heritage, our culture and also a great income for sustainable tourism. All the following items preserve our heritage and tell the story of the hands making them. So let’s start filling your house with beautiful energy and colorful handicrafts from Colombia.


Ceramics from Raquira.

They are specialists in handmade clay and sculpture. In this colorful little town, you can find everything from elegant tableware to a miniature bullring, all handmade. This is just the beginning of Colombia souvenirs.

This tradition comes from the indigenous Muiscas, who found clay and a way to preserve their conditions. We find many cultural sculptures such as frogs, chickens, toads or lizards.

Personally, the ones I like the most are the miniature societies. They have all styles, markets, squares for everyone and many innovative things.

Colombia souvenirs Raquira artisan
Colombia souvenirs

Ruana and the wool culture

If it is a question of looking for the origin of the ruana, you have to travel to the time of the Spanish conquest. Elements brought by the Europeans merged with the Indians and this is how historians believe that the Boyacá coat was born.

Nobsa Boyaca is the capital of the ruana, so when walking through its streets, this coat is seen everywhere: It is worn by children, adults, the elderly, men and women and they are also exhibited in the commercial premises where they are already ready for sale.

It is a tradition from generation to generation. It takes a lot of work to do one of the ruanas, therefore this place performs 5 ruanas per day. Something unique that you can take home to protect you from the cold! This is the softest of the Colombia souvenirs group.

Colombia souvenirs Ruana from Boyaca
Colombia souvenirs Ruana

Guacamaya baskets.

From these creative processes, our artisans produce traditional pieces such as baskets, baskets, trays, plates, bowls, vases, chests and other pieces in different shapes and sizes that have utilitarian and decorative functions.

Guacamayas is an artisan municipality in which the ancestral traditions of its people are captured by the artisans in each artisan piece to remind us of the greatness of their talent and the greatness of our Artisan Colombia.

Colombia souvenirs Baskets from Boyaca
Colombia souvenirs Baskets from Boyaca


Fique in Curiti Santander

Fique is a cactus-type plant, from which fiber is extracted to generate a thread.

The Guanes, the original indigenous people, before the arrival of the Spanish, cultivated this plant and used its fiber in many different ways: Furniture, rugs, bags, shoes or bags.

Currently, it is a couture material to make elegant bags and also very special shoes. This town is small but beautiful! and also their traditions and Colombia souvenirs.

We recommend this amazing tour of Curiti. Check it out.

Colombia souvenirs Santander
Fique from Curiti Santander


Dishes Carmen de Vivoral

The start of ceramic production in Carmen de Viboral dates back to 1898, the year in which the businessman Eliseo Pareja arrived in the municipality, who founded the “Locería del Carmen” a year after his arrival, which led to the creation the different shops dedicated to this trade and became one of the forms of subsistence for the families of the municipality.

This cultural town is just 1 hour from Medellin.

Colombia souvenirs Dishes
Colombia souvenirs

Carrieles from Jerico

It is a distinctive garment of the Antioquian gentlemen, totally exclusive of the paisas regions. The etymological origin of the word carriel is not clear. It can come from several origins: from the French Cartier.

This is one of the unique implements of the famous Juan Valdés, the icon of Colombian coffee.

Colombia souvenirs
Carrieles from Antioquia

Pacific coast


These crafts are designed and made by the Guna indigenous people, located on the border with Panama.

It comes from the indigenous Guna people, located on the border of Colombia. These blankets have a spiritual meaning, each of them has protective energy and the symbols represent the gods of this indigenous group.

Colombia souvenirs Molas
Molas from Guna people

Coconut art

This art of coconut is representative of the choco area, on the Pacific coast. There are much work and appreciation for these beautiful designs. It shows the history of the family culture and the family environment at the table.

Colombia souvenirs coconut
Colombia souvenirs Coconut art


Barranquilla Carnival figures

The Barranquilla Carnival is the second largest in the world and has many meanings for Colombian culture. Each of its legends is emphasized in the beautiful wooden works with the faces of the carnival characters.

Cows, crocodiles, donkeys and more animals are carved out of wood. But the most important is the Jaguar, which is the symbol of the earth and the connection with nature “pacha mama”

Colombia souvenirs Barranquilla carnival
Colombia souvenirs Barranquilla carnival


Hammocks are a very famous souvenir from the coast. It is one of the oldest traditions for people living in hot areas, such as the Colombian coast. It is based on manual weaving, made by the women of the community and designed to allow family rest.

Colombia souvenirs
Colombia souvenirs

South of Colombia

Pasto: Mopa Mopa carved in wood.

This technique takes its name from the tree of the same name, which grows in the Amazonian foothills of Putumayo and Caquetá. The artists use as raw material the ’tears’ that the indigenous people harvest from the Mopa-Mopa tree.

The technique has allowed these artists to contribute a new style to the panorama of popular art in our country, and through the elaboration of their creations, among which altarpieces, paintings and cups with indigenous designs are appreciated, it reflects the history of their region and their ancestors.

Colombia souvenirs mopa mopa
Colombia souvenirs

Amazon mask

Mainly in our country, its use was of a religious and symbolic nature, based on economic, social, political and warlike aspects, such as the beginning or celebration of harvests, changes in age (from childhood to adolescence), funerals, status, the reaffirmation of the dominance of the community or the appropriation of powers, among others.

The artisan shape and mold jungle animals, dolphins, masks, ceremonial canes, fruit bowls, spoons, buckles, earrings, paper clippers, and ancient figures, among others. It is an activity developed exclusively by men, with strong ancestral roots.

Colombia souvenirs
Amazon Colombia souvenirs

In summary

There are many crafts that you can find in Colombia. Many of them have been forgotten but tourism is the best way to bring them to light.

That is why it is important that you support the purchase of these crafts, directly from the hand of the artisans. I know it sounds difficult to visit each one of the places, but there are associations that support these communities and you can directly support the culture of our country.

The best way is to contact a local tour guide and be part of a sustainable agency to take you to the best places to buy these crafts. That is the best way, talk to a local and they will guide you.

Do you want to know more about sustainable tourism? Read this article and know why it is cheaper and better than mass tourism! I know that you are one of those looking for unique cultural experiences, so join this mission of responsible tourism!

Share, please! and ask us any question you have! We are very happy to talk to you.





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