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Tours in Colombia on budget

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Tours in Colombia on budget

Daily tours

We offer authentic tours every day.
Some of the tours have a scheduled agenda, others need to be arranged personally with us. The duration of the tours ranges from 3 (half day) to 7 hours (full day).

Contact center

You will never be alone.
We assure a friend for you 24/7, everything you need or wonder, never hesitate to contact us via whatssap, messenger or give us a call.


 We assure your safety!
Some of our tours involve adrenaline, but all of them are guided by a professional.

Free Colombian Sim card

Be connected!
We provide you a Colombian Sim card if you join more than 3 tours with us!


Know it all.
We advice you the best places to rest and eat, all following our mission as well. Transportation advice is very important to have an excellent experience (public and private transport inside the city and between cities).

Inside culture experiences

The real deal!
We have extraordinary experiences for more than 1 day where you live with a local community, eat with them and volunteer with their sustainability.

Which kind of tours do we offer?

Mountains, rivers, forests and natural landscapes.

Daily local activities, fishing, coffee and more!

Live with a community and be part of their family!

Rappel, trekking, bungee jumping and more!

All about our local dishes, recipes, delicatessen and street food.

Our cities are also charming! Get to know the stories of the walls.

Our blog has interesting information for your trip to Colombia.  Advice, tips, trip examples and more info to get the best tours in Colombia on budget.

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